EFOOD from past to future

From an original idea born by Ricardo Bonacho in 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal, EFOOD International Food Design and Food Studies Conference, continues to be an innovative and revolutionary experience in food design, a place where visionaries, and food creators meet.

From the 2022 edition, FORK, the Food Design Organization, and its founders (Mariana Eidler, Ricardo Bonacho, Sonia Massari and Pedro Álvarez) have officially become the organizers of a conference that aims to explore cutting-edge food concepts, collaborate with industry pioneers and witness the future of food and design in an electrifying atmosphere of inspiration and discovery. This ground-breaking event redefines the boundaries of imaginative food systems and fosters a vibrant community of innovators shaping the next frontier of sustainable world and design transdisciplinarity.

This year’s edition, 2024, is hosted and powered by ELISAVA’s Food Design Lab and will focus on food design in the Phygital World. The connection between food and ‘phygital’ refers to the integration of physical and digital elements within the food sector. In a phygital context, traditional culinary experiences are enhanced or augmented by digital technology. This can include interactive digital menus in restaurants, online food ordering and delivery platforms, augmented reality cooking tutorials, smart kitchen appliances or virtual food tastings. But not only that! Phygital experiences bridge the gap between the physical world of food and the digital world, creating innovative and immersive ways for people to engage with culinary delights in the modern age.

Phygital food experiences seamlessly blend the physical sensations of taste, texture and aroma with the digital world of innovation, connectivity and accessibility. Whether dining in a restaurant, cooking at home or enjoying a meal from the comfort of your smartphone, the line between the tangible and the virtual is increasingly blurred – in this dynamic landscape, designers are at the forefront of shaping the way we grow, prepare and consume food.

EFOOD 2024 lies in the potential for digital innovation to promote environmentally conscious practices within the food system. Phygital solutions can optimise the entire food supply chain, from farm to fork, by providing real-time data analytics, precision farming techniques and smart logistics. This integration of physical and digital technologies enables farmers and producers to monitor and manage resources more efficiently, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Moreover, in the context of sustainable food systems, phygital experiences can raise awareness about food provenance, environmentally friendly choices and ethical consumption. Digital platforms can connect consumers with local farmers, facilitate food sharing networks, and provide information on sustainable cooking methods to encourage mindful food choices.

In essence, digital food design technologies could play a pivotal role in promoting sustainability within the food industry by improving operational efficiency, reducing waste, and promoting consumer awareness and responsible consumption practices.

As our relationship with food evolves, designers, innovators and creatives are playing a key role in creating this new frontier known as ‘phygital’ food systems. Get ready to explore the latest trends, interact with renowned experts and savour the flavours of a new era of gastronomy where the physical and digital worlds are seamlessly intertwined. Let’s meet in Barcelona for EFOOD2024!

About Fork

The name FORK means Food Design for Opportunities, Research & Knowledge. FORK is a global non-profit organization, a think tank of experts and professionals who work in the food and design sectors that aim to re-think and (re)frame the food systems beside the food industry. FORK is a community that inspires people, industry, academia, and professionals to understand their role in the complexity of food systems and to develop their agency skills.

FORK wants to architect and foster a creative environment where designers, chefs, food producers, companies, but also students and Academia, can find their spaces. FORK’s mission is to get a concrete contribution and generate impact. By applying design to food, FORK can support and encourage the development of a healthier and more ethical, equal and sustainable World.

Better food systems can be envisioned and everybody can become a #foodchangers. Design methods can help to increase people’s awareness, activate innovative solutions and finally engage all the stakeholders to find the best opportunities for local and global food scenarios.

More info at: www.theforkorganization.com

Where does it take place?

The 4th International Food Design and Food Studies Conference, Experiencing Food: Designing for Phygital Food Systems will take place in Elisava, Facultad de Diseño e Ingeniería de Barcelona. Elisava is located on La Rambla in Barcelona, in the historic center and heart of the city. A few meters from the sea, where architecture, the cultural offer, shops, restaurants, tourism and the neighbours are drawing an inspiring, authentic and special amalgam.

Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering
La Rambla 30-320
8002 Barcelona

We are very well connected by public transport:

Metro (L1, L2, L3, L4)
Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC)
Trains, buses, Bicing

How to arrive?